Saturday, May 12, 2012

Three weeks already...

Nope, today is like any other day, except that I have a lot of time on my hands so what better way than typing away to glory. The weather is lovely and I feel like I'm at a hill station, the sun hidden behind the clouds, the wind playing hide and seek with the curtains in my room. I'm at school.. yea this sinks in a little more everyday. The inventory shrinkage (judge me not, that accounting paper is still playing havoc on my senses), mindless anxiety before an exam, burning the mid night oil and the timeless question, how was the paper :)

Some things never change. 

A whole lot has been happening around me, at breakneck speed and at times all I'm doing is playing catch up. That's fun and not sometimes. The first class, when the professor went over his background and started class, and I swear I heard a voice in my head which said, wow I'm actually a student again. 

Sitting in a room with a view, music and blogging away can feel exceptionally good, I realize. This after a series of submissions and back to back exams. 

New found love for a library, thanks to the expensive books and the shortage of time to go over them. Don't get me wrong, I love books, but I am not a library person, I cannot sit in an alien surrounding and study. I'm getting used to the idea. Among getting used to things, I am getting used to the idea of studying. When I say studying I mean the whole deal, going to class, taking down notes, coming back and revisiting whatever was taught, and trying to allocate some time everyday for preparing for class. It sure feels different, and I mean it in a real nice way. 

About the place, I have been here for 3 weeks now (well almost) and it does feel like a really long time. I cannot quite describe how beautiful the campus is. The concrete and the green. The manicured lawns, the wide variety of birds, that you can spot every now and then. Never in my life have I truly felt the need for a great lens as badly as here. You never know when a beautiful moment, just passes you by. Capture it while you can. It could be that unusually tiny bird you never imagined you'd spot, or just random loafing around with a bunch of people in the dead of the night with no agenda whatsoever. Assorted batches of people, slogging it out to finish assignments and then some finding time to jam amidst all this. 

Plagiarism is almost criminalm but cant help it, if some 'positioning statements,' (yes we had marketing too) capture it so well. 

I'm loving it!

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madhur said...

i am still not fully convinced that I am a student again and that next salary is not really coming :P
two more cool things that you forgot to mention..
1.Name Tags --Makes remembering names so damn easy
2.The cool people sitting around you in class :P